Clive Fitzsimons


A dyslexic wanna-be Athlete Climber stroke Runner.

A hankering for the mountains and pastures green but live in London, working with gadgets…
Confused? Yes I am!

This blog came about as a suggestion from a friend that I should find some reason to write, on the basic principal that it would help my dyslexia, but also help channel/vent/rant/question some of my inner contemplations and general confusion about life, as well as talk about my climbing and running adventures.

Until recently I was installing gadgets, that I would never be able to afford, into homes of people who have more money than they know what to do with it. If there was ever a job to make a man philosophical about life, surprisingly at times, this is one of them. You gain quite an insight into the lives of other by the priorities they put on their ‘stuff’, how much importance ‘stuff’ has, and how this ‘stuff’ is just surface deep. Massive houses packed full of generic shop bought items that have no personal value or no historical relevance in their lives; all the while, all their real memories – those souvenirs and the photo that sums up an entire adventure – are confined to a draw or bedroom of the unseen parts of the house. Their home closer to feeling like a holiday resort and their kids feeling like they live in an art gallery. I should add: not all my clients were of this disposition, there were a few who were some of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

That’s all I have to say about that, recently, I lost all interest in that line of work, and it’s a bit of a ‘watch this space’ period in my life!

I spent my leisure time trying to burn off the remaining surplus of my energy through the medium of  climbing or running! I’ve been doing both since my teens neither originally with much drive or determination, but thanks to many friends, time, and a growing self awareness both have become integral parts of my life and I struggle if I can do neither over even the shortest amounts of time! Which proved a problem after a a badly sprained ankle left me unable to run for a year and a half.

My climbing also had a major 8 month set back last year. I was working a dyno route in the gym, and managed to some how badly sprain/dislocated my left clavicle, as well as, the first and second rib, of off the sternum – YES OUCH! Turns out i had a flappy scapular and that wasn’t taking the load from my shoulder properly and so passing all the force to my chest. It took 5 months for the joints to firm up, for the pain to settle and to begin rehab, and another 3 to get back to strength. Now with a lot of rehab and muscle activation training, I actually feel strong than before, as  I’m using the correct muscles groups, to control my weight.

Both climbing and running are fascinating sports, poles apart but which attract very similar people, for a very wide range of reasons! From the gym warriors to the social sporties (like social smokers, just healthier); from the training beast-moders to the just a bit of fun types, a range with which at some point I’ll have a lot more to say about my place in all that!

Both climbing and running give me the skills and ability I need to disappear off into the mountains and rural landscapes, as and when (currently in too fewer occurrences) I can.  My hope, through these pages, is that I will share with you in these passions and my thoughts in a coherent and constant manor.